Sierra Leone

I thought it was great to learn about the life of kids my age in Africa. It was sad to hear about all the war happening in and around Sierra Leone. The thing that struck me was when I read about kids under the age of ten having a machine gun and taking drugs everyday to stay up. When I read the book A Long Way Gone I really got a sense of how it was living in Sierra Leone at my age. There was a lot of gruesome things that men and kids did to people. It made me feel like I take life for granted not having to deal with war all around me. Sierra Leone’s war with the gruesome deaths has huge impact on the kids.

    Sierra Leone is a very interesting place. There are many different cultures and ways of life. This a very poor place and many people have to go and get water from a river or a stream. Some people farm or hunt and some pick fruits of of trees for their meals. If close to the ocean people fish to eat and sell. There are not many doctors or hospitals to get treated for your health. It is tough to get a good education because there are not many schools and there are no books, pens, teachers, and a place to learn. It is tough to live in a place like this.

    The worst part of Sierra Leone is definitely the war. Many kids and adults have been killed in the last couple decades by military or rebel groups. Kids are being taken by these rebels groups and being forced to kill other people and even their own family. It is very sad to hear about kids killing or being killed. Families sometimes break up in the middle of the war because they are killed or ran away from the war. Most people try to leave the country but, not a lot of people make it to where they want to go.

Sierra Leone is a very good place for mining because of its diamonds. People over the years have fought over the diamonds to make money. The war for the diamonds was name the blood diamond war because there was so many people killed for them. Diamonds were the only way to make big money in Sierra Leone because every country loves diamonds so they could sell them quick and for some money. Sierra Leone is a big place of conflict because of this reason.

Sierra Leone is a very interesting place, but I would never visit there. It is too dangerous or it used to be, because of the war. Most of the soldiers were relentless, they did not care if they were killing a 100 year old lady or a newborn baby. If the war dies down and Sierra Leone calms down it would be great place to live and visit. I hope one day that it can go back to being peaceful and happy.


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