Memphis Grizzlies: Most Underrated Team in the NBA

Memphis Grizzlies

photo credits: Sean Davis

The Memphis Grizzlies have been counted out since the beginning of the year and now they are in the Western conference finals trying to take down the San Antonio Spurs. Throughout the year the Grizzlies have been looked down upon and not taken seriously at all. They have stayed steady throughout the year and didn’t really prove to be a playoff team until they traded their best player, Rudy Gay to the Toronto Raptors. After Gay was gone, the Grizzlies were counted out as any sort of contender in the playoffs if they weren’t already. Some people may say that the Grizzlies haven’t done better without Rudy. Before the trade deadline (with Gay) the Grizzlies were 29-16. After his departure, in exchange for Tyshaun Prince and Austin Daye the Grizzlies went 27-10 winning a higher percentage of their games without Gay. Overall, the team is better rounded and have shown having a superstar doesn’t always make you better. I’ll tell you why, Rudy Gay is a player who needs the ball. When he needs the ball to be effective that takes it away from Zach Randolph, Mike Conley, and Tony Allen. This interrupts the offense not getting the ball moved, or rotated enough , which in certain situations can really damage a team. The Grizzlies are an underrated team that has shocked the country. Their momentum in the playoffs can only lead me to believe they will win the series. Both previous series the Grizzlies have started the series off poorly. Against the Los Angeles Clippers they lost the first two games by a combined 23 points and after that swept the Clippers right out of LA. In series 2 the Grizzlies lost the first game to the Oklahoma City Thunder and then won the next four games to take the series. Now, the Memphis Grizzlies are down two games to none and the question that is asked is “What will happen next?”


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