Welcome to the Summer Reading Page!

Welcome, Class of 2018!

I am so excited to work with you starting in September.  I am already busy planning how to make English 8 the best 8th Grade English class you will ever take.

This year for summer reading activities, we are going to try something a bit different.  Instead of a project, I just want you to talk to each other about what you are reading.  I know for me, when I read a good (or bad!) book, I just want to talk about it and share my thoughts with a friend.  Over the course of the summer, I am going to expect you to comment and respond to others comments as you complete your summer reading.

This year’s 8th grade English read is new: The Book Thief by Markus Zusak.  It was a book that really made me look at things I had always come to expect very differently.  Yes, it is long, and I understand that might be overwhelming at first, but I really do think if you are open to it, you will enjoy it.  The book examines life in Germany during the Holocaust and has a very interesting narrator and a different perspective.  I have read a lot of books about this time period and this, to me, is not only the most unique, but also the most powerful.

Because of the novel’s uniqueness, I got a bit confused my first time through it.  Good readers do get confused sometimes, but they don’t give up.  They try to think of ways to get un-confused. One way to do that is to ask questions. And because we are all reading it, your classmates and I will try to help answer those questions.  Although questions aren’t required, they are encouraged.   What is required is responding to the AFTER READING THE BOOK posts and commenting on your classmates’ ideas.  You must respond at least 6 times (four of which must be in response to classmates’ ideas).

Have some fun with this, be respectful, and share your ideas.  Your comments will allow me to plan lessons around what interests you so that we can start off September with a bang!

If you have any questions at all, you can always email me at lisa.iaccarino@worcesteracademy.org.

Happy Reading!!


  • You must respond to at least two posts marked (AFTER READING THE BOOK DISCUSSION)
  • You must respond to at least four DIFFERENT classmates’ responses.  Whenever possible, try to create a discussio


  • ADDENDUM: You may respond to six DIFFERENT classmates’ responses if your post would merely repeat something you or someone else has already said.  Basically, you must participate at least six times.
  • Each response should be at least four sentences – see below on what makes a valid response.


  • Participation in the “I’m Confused” Blog Posts

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