New Sleek Italian McDonald’s

Italy is known for some of the best food in the entire world. Putting McDonald’s in Italy would be a great success. Italy’s lunch lasts more than and hour and is 3 courses. Dinner is usually begins after 8 P.M. and is also consists of 3 courses. Italian restaurants are mostly family owned and cheap. but, Italy needs a change from their old traditions and McDonald’s would be that change and would be a great foreign investment.

McDonald’s should change the style to more of an Italian restaurant. It should be a McDonald’s cafe, a calm relaxing place to get a coffee in the morning and a good meal at night. Also, everything should be homemade every single day like the true Italian cultural identity. Cappuccinos and macchiatos should be for breakfast, and wine should be served for lunch and dinner. Also, instead of having ice cream for dessert there should be gelato. They should try to also incorporate pasta and tomatoes into their the meals because that is the best meal for most Italians. Pasta comes from China and was brought over to Italy. Most Italian families have it every single week, because it is so sacred. Cannolis should come with every value meal or meal. And, shredded Parmesan cheese should be on every table to cleanse the palate.

Food is very sacred in Italy. The Italy McDonald’s Restaurants should be closed or only opened for breakfast and lunch on Sundays because there was a poll that states that 95% of Italian families eat at home on Sunday. Lunch is the most important meal of the day in Italy because it is when the extended family comes together. They have a 3 course meal that usually starts with an antipasto salad and ends with dessert plus  coffee. Pasta is always a part of lunch and is usually homemade. Italy needs a new sleek restaurant chain and McDonald’s could fit that.


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