Bruins vs. Rangers

The Boston Bruins have managed to create an impressive 2-0 lead in the best of seven series against the  New York Rangers. After two exciting home victories, they seem to have a good grasp on things, and they seem confident in this series. After just barely beating the Toronto maple leaves in the first round of the the playoffs, and coming back from three goals behind to win game seven, they have made it to a second round where they, for the moment seem to be in control.

The rangers, however, have managed to bounce back from situations like this in the past. In the first round of the playoffs, the Rangers were also down 2-0 in the series against the Washington Capitals. Though it seemed hopeless for them, they did manage to bounce back and beat them. Who’s to say that it can’t happen again? The Bruins have just beaten them twice in a row. “We expect them to come hard on us.” says Bruins head coach Claude Julien. New York is probably hungry for revenge right now, and with a home game coming up, and a pumped up rangers team, I’m not entirely sure that they can pull this one off.

You can even see this in the games that have already happened. The rangers are aggressive. They have been looking for every opportunity score. Whenever they see a space in the net or whenever they have an open shot, they go for it. They are aggressive. The first game of the series had to go to overtime. This is not a walk in the park for the Bruins. They are going to have to play with the same aggressiveness in New York as they do in Boston or they are not going to win the series.

Normally when a team loses two games in a row, they bounce back pretty quickly. The Bruins have skill, but I don’t think that they have enough juice to last them forever. Sooner or later, they are going to be evenly matched. It happens to every team. I’m a Bruins fan, but all I’m saying is every team loses some time. In the words of Patrice Bergeron, “This series is not over.”


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