AFTER READING THE BOOK DISCUSSION 3: Why did you make us read this book?

Why do you think?  This is a book about the Holocaust, which occurred  70 years ago now.  It might be hard to see its relevance.  Is this a relevant book to your life and our world?  Does this book better help you understand our world?  What are your thoughts on its relevance and reasons why I may have wanted you to read this book?  What are your thoughts in general about the book?  Should it be a class read again?


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  1. I thoroughly enjoyed the epilogue because at the end of the book “Death” says he took Leisel but what actually happened was she went on in life and had a big family. That is when you find out that max is the father which I thought was cute.

  2. I thought this book was a good book for you to have us read. It made me realize that some people in the world have hearts that are like steal and do not care for others, and only care about themselves. Which made me think this was when the Hubermann’s wanted to be friends with Max in public and wanted Max to live upstairs but couldn’t because of Hitler and how Germans were suppose to hate Jews and think that they are dirty and not right. The book also made me realize that friendships help you through life. Rudy and Leisel had am amazing friendship in the book. Theywould always help each other through things that might have been difficult for them at the time and were always there for them. The friendhsip between them made me realize what great friends I have. I think you had us read this book to have us understand real life events that we could relate to.

    • I think that Caitlin brings up a good point that some people only care about themselves, but some people never think about themselves. For example, when Hans Hubermann gave the bread to the Jew on the road, he was thinking about the poor people. When Victor didn’t give Liesel and Rudy any apples that they stole, he was only thinking of himself. Also, this book taught me that one little thing can keep growing. When Liesel first “stole” the Grave-Diggers Handbook, she liked it so she stole from the Mayor’s library, then the food and it just kept going. If Liesel never stole that first book, her life would be very different. She and Rudy wouldn’t be as good of friends and never would have had the experiences that they had.

    • I agree with Caitlin… This book shows us that even though there are people in the world who couldn’t care less about what happens to others there are just as many people who are caring and thoughtful. They are the people like Hans Hubermann who help anyone and everyone, the person who is willing to risk his life and safety to feed a starving Jew, who gets up every night just to comfort Liesel after she has a bad dream, and who agreed to shelter Max no questions asked. Hans Hubermann knew that in hiding Max he endangered both himself and his family in a world where the price of such an act was death. I like this book because it shows that no matter what there are always those who will risk everything to do what they know is right.

  3. I thought the book was something different for us. Many of us might have never chosen something like this. It taught us many new things about the time during the holocaust. It showed how people who weren’t a jew were also affected and their daily living.Things from that era differ from ours today so we saw how different times were. Liesel was a great main character. She was always kind and brought an upbeat part to the story. Her relationship with her Papa was kind and they had a great bond and brought happiness to Liesel. Rudy and Liesel were cute. They would always be there for each other and overcome fights with each other. Friendship showed throughout the book, which is always good to read about. Liesel also showed great strength in the book and courage. She had the nerve to go take those books since she thought she deserved them.

    • I think that Katie is right. Most of us may have not stumbled upon this amazing and impressing book. Although sad, The Book Thief was awesome, showing the different perspectives and suspense of the time. I like how Markus literally transported us (the readers) back in time, to the holocaust, and told a story within a story, of how a family survived, the little money that came along, and the sadness of what was to come.

      • If we weren’t assigned this book I would probably never have read it because I didn’t know what the book was about. I just assumed that the book was about some person who stole books or something but I was totally wrong and I judged a book by its cover and I should not have done that. I am happy you assigned this book because it helped us understand more about the holocaust. This is a great book to understand what it is like living during this devastating event. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who is interested to find out more about the time during holocaust.

        • I agree with Courtney. I don’t think that I would have read this book if it wasn’t assigned. I usually don’t like historical fiction, but this was a great book. It was very well written and I learned a lot about the Holocaust. I learned that you always need to be careful about what you do. Even the smallest things can be wrong. If you are for Jews but live in Germany, that doesn’t mean that you are off the hook. I would definitely recommend this book!

        • You’re right Courtney, I don’t think that I would have read it on my own. I’ve had this book in my house for a while now and when looking for a book to read I would always pass over it. The title does make me think it’s just about stealing books and I was always confusing it with, “The Thief Lord”. I am really glad it was assigned as a summer reading book because it really made me understand the Holocaust for non-Jewish people who don’t support Hitler.

        • I agree with Courtney. If i saw this book sitting on a shelf, I would have thought that it was about someone stealing books, but that is not what it is about at all. It just so happens that the main character steals books for fun. The more imporant thing is what she does with them. Anyways, I learned more about the Holocaust then i would have. The book was an eye opener for me.

    • I agree with Katie. Liesel was a very unique, but great main character. She was very brave throughout the story. And, how she wrote about her life in the Hubberman’s basement was sad because she thought that she was going to die. If that was me back in 1939 I would be very scared. Also, I would’ve never shown that much interest in reading and writing as much as Liesel did. This book shows great friendship and courage. Which is the types of books that I like to read.

    • I think Katie has a great point about how not only jews were affected by the holocaust. I think that this is a great point because I think that too many people think that only Jews had it rough during the holocaust. I also think if we did not read this book we would not have realized struggles that many people go through and the types of struggles that many people go through. I also agree wvith Katie when she said that Liesel was an upbeat part of the story. She always would see the positive side in the bad things and she would try to look at things differently.

      • I agree with the anon. It was a huge part of our history and it was a very well written story. It really makes us think about how lucky we are and how much pain the Nazi Army cause on people. I am glad I read this because I learned a lot about what the people went through during this time.

    • I agree with Katie. The book was something I would not have read on my own, but I am glad I did. It taught me about the things that were happening during the time of the Holocaust and how they had an impact on everyone’s lives. Reading this book made me realize how different times were back then, and how much our world has changed. I learned a lot from reading this book and i also really enjoyed it. I think this should definitely be a class read again.

    • I agree with Katie. I’m happy you made us read this because I would not have read it. I would have just thought that it was a book that had to do with someone stealing books. I would have never thought it would be about a girl who had death all around her. I also agree with Katie that she had a lot of bravery and courage to steal the books that she had stolen. I liked how liesel had a special bond with almost everyone in the book. Along with katie, I think one of the biggest bond would be her and papa. They had a very special bond that nobody could break which was very important to me.

  4. I enjoyed reading this book and learning a little bit about Nazi Germany. I thought it was interesting reading about a family in a small town in the middle of a war. It is unbelievable how someone can have so much hatred for a group of people just because of their religion. It was probably good for us to read because it is something different. It is not often where you have a book where the narrator is Death.

    • Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. I think Elijah brings up a great point about reading something different that teaches us about an important event in history. I agree with Elijah about the amount of hate in Nazi Germany but it was uplifting to see the kindness some Germans showed to Jews like during the bread incident.

      • I enjoyed the book. I thought it was very unique since death was the narrator. Also it was interesting on learning something about our history while we read. I really didn’t now much about World War II. It turned to be an interesting topic that i want to further read. I think why we were assigned this book, is to learn about how people lived in the days of the Nazi German rule. How people struggled to survive and taking care of their families. It was a good book to experience.

    • I agree with Elijah, I enjoyed learning about Nazi Germany when reading this book. I have read a book or two about it but I certainly don’t know a lot do it was enjoyable to learn what it was like. I also agree that it’s ridiculous how hateful people can be over things such as religion. But I think it is relevant because this stuff still happens in places. Not just because religion, but because of race as well. Of course it’s not very common but it exists. Maybe you had us read the book because it relates to subjects we will discuss during the year?

    • i agree with Elijah because I am not very smart at all when it comes to history. I learned a lot about Nazi Germany because of this book. Like Elijah said, it is amazing that someone can hate another person as much as the Germans hated the Jewish people. Its even worse if it is because of their religion! Max was not a bad person at all according to the book. The book was very different from any books I have ever read not only because of the setting, but of the writing style and the genre. Overall, I am glad I read it.

  5. This book relates to the world that I live in today because yes, there are still people who will walk to the opposite side of the room from you because of how you look, and yes, there are still people who will beat you up because of what you believe in. This book shows the reader what it is like to lose something in a battle you don’t want to be involved in. It gives you the feeling of being helpless, not being able to fight for the ones you love because you can’t even fight for yourself. This book is an excellent read and should be shared with everyone so they too can have a feel for the cruel realities of the world.

    • I agree with what Amanda says about how the book still relates to our world today. It is sad but there still are people who will dislike you because of what you look like or believe in. This book is a great great read because it shows one of the merciless acts of people in this world. I too would defiantly recommend this book to other people.

  6. I think that this book is excellently written. I think it is very relevant because the Holocaust is a big part of history. I liked this book a lot and it really hit home in many parts for me because I have family that were in the Holocaust. I do think this book should be read in future classes because it is rich with information on the Holocaust and it is a good book.

    • I agree with jake. The holocaust would be a great setting for the book. The book however did not take place in a conentration or war camp. It was the story of hiding a Jew in a non Jew’s house. This in my opinion was a great topic for the book.

  7. I think that this book, being at the perspective of a German, made it very interesting. It clarified that even though many Germans had agreed with Hitler’s view, there were others who were forced to follow his beliefs. They followed his beliefs because they needed to protect their families. I think that this novel conveys the fact that we must embrace our differences, instead of fighting against them. It also expresses the different viewpoints, and struggles throughout the Holocaust.

    • I agree, I thought it was nice to see the war through the eyes of a German. I thought it was a nice change from only hearing stories from surviving jewish people. I enjoyed hearing from the different types of Germans and their point of view on the war. For example the woman who sold the candy was a very strong supporter of Nazi Germany, on the other hand there were people like Hans who were the opposite.

      • I also found this an interesting perspective. It made me sensitive to what it was like to be a German during the Holocaust. There was so much struggle for the Jews and the German people. They both lived in constant fear of the Nazi violence. Germans who did not support Hitler risked severe punishments. Before this book, I always thought about Nazi Germany from the perspective of the Jewish people.

        • I agree with Courtney. Before I read this book I would always think about what it was like for Jews during this time period. Once I read this book I understood what it was like for Jews and Germans and how it was difficult for them during this time. It was not an easy life for the Jew and German people.

        • I agree with Courtney totally. Before I read this book I thought of Nazi Germany of the struggle of the Jews, but after reading this book I see that the Germans also struggled during this. I couldn’t imagine seeing someone that was being beaten and not help them. It must have messed with the Germans mentally too, some of them must have had nightmares about what they saw. I can’t imagine living that everyday. I think that Courtney has made a great point.

    • I agree with Sydney because most of the books written about the Holocaust are from the Jewish perspective. This one describes a family that is half and half in their views of the war. They take in a Jewish boy and protect him, but also make their foster daughter go to Nazi school and say “Heil Hitler.” They have a son who fights with Hitler and his Nazi Army, at the same time Hans Hubermann was saved by a Jewish man when he fought in the war. Hans and his family sign up to be part of the Nazi party, then he continues to paint house and store fronts of the Jewish people who have been violated. This shows the struggle that the German people had to go through during this time, trying to survive and keep their integrity.

    • I agree with Sydney. Not only were people against Hitler, but many were struggling at his expense. Germans, those who followed Hitler, thought of themselves as entitled to the riches of the world. But there were some, however many, that disagreed and stood up for the greater good of humanity, and for the human rights that we all hold dear to our hearts as Americans.

      • Those few who did fight the might of Hitler, had to be brave and strong, and makes me wonder, could I or any of us stand up against such sins? Or would we only suffer silently, and wait for the end.

    • I agree with what Sydney is saying. Even though Leisel and her family are German, they don’t like Hitler and agree with his beliefs. The book shows their struggles in trying to obey Hitler to protect themselves, but to try and help the people struggling during the Holocaust. I like how Sydney says that we should embrace our differences because we are lucky to live in a place where your religion and race aren’t a problem and you are safe for being who you are. It is incredibly sad to read about how people were treated just for being Jewish, just for being who they were.

  8. Struggle still exists in the world, and this novel clearly demonstrated struggle. Living in the U.S., it is easy to forget that other countries still face cases of oppression much like those in Nazi Germany. Most books that I have read about the holacaust are from a Jewish perspective. You learn about how Nazi Germany affected everyone in Germany. That is why we read the book.

    • I agree with Keegan, we, living in the U.S., do not know what terror or fear is. Or hunger or death. We know freedom and equality, and the right to live in peace. However, we do not realize how in the past, and still in the present, there is discrimination and death.

      • We also overlook the fact that this could infect the world again, at any moment. All that is needed it a person with the will to do so.

  9. I think that you made us read this book for many reasons. One reason is to open our eyes to the way we live and how fortunate all of our lives really are. This book certainly showed me not to take anything for granted because the book told us how Liesel lived and how much different our lifestyles really are. For instance, Liesel’s stepmother, Rosa, made pea soup almost every night, and each of their portions were extremely small due to cost and the amount of food available. When Max moved into their home, the Hubermann family got an even lesser portion than before, which opened my eyes to how lucky I am to have different meals and plenty of food on the table each night. Also, Liesel was fortunate in her lifetime to get two books as gifts, I know I am very fortunate to have gifts on holidays too, usually more than just two books. This is a relevant book to my life and our world because it educates me about the experiences of the families living in Germany during the Holocaust. It educates the world because it tells the happenings of the war and people, like Hitler, who changed history. Yes, I think it should be a class read again. I think this because I did see its’ relevance and it taught me about how fortunate our lives our today.

    • I agree with Courtney completely. We take the little things for granted and don’t think about how lucky we are. Like having paper and writing utensils is something we don’t really think anything of, but for Liesel when the mayors wife gave her a book filled with paper, it changed Liesel, and it even happened to save her life. Even having something as simple as books made all the difference to Liesel, she had to “work” for those books.

    • I definitely agree with what Courtney is saying. The things people had to endure back then were frightening and extremely dangerous, not to mention the struggles they went through every day. It was sad to read that Leisel would be okay with no gifts, or good food, and how badly she wanted a book. We have all of those things and more and we sometimes take them for granted. Seeing how ecstatic she was to receive two books made me appreciate and think about everything that I have. Also, I agree with what Courtney said about the food and small portions Leisel got, in comparison to what we eat and how we have leftovers and food in our kitchen for all meals. It’s important for us to see the difference in the world and our lives today and the struggle Leisel’s family had to go through.

  10. I think that this book has been unknown for a reason to act as a sort of “gem”. It explains every part very thoroughly, and does build up tension between every character at some point in the book. The book has a strong ending, and gives you a lot to think about. The epilogue was a great way to end the book, and as Jack said, it was cool to find out that Max was really the father to Leisel, but I hated how Max was caught, and Leisel was whipped for trying to walk with him and talk to him.

    • I think I might’ve missed the part where is says Max is Leisel’s dad. Can someone fill me in on that please? I thought this book was really good. I’d like to read it again and discuss it as a class. Things always make more sense the second time around. I think you made us read it because of the way it’s written, it’s a little more unusual compared to other books. It als gives you a different perspective on the holocaust.

        • It’s not true, Max isn’t Liesel’s dad, but there is a chance that Max was Liesel’s husband. The ending of the book just says that Liesel get married and has children, but doesn’t state whom she was married to. As for Max’s life after he and Liesel are reunited , the book doesn’t say.

  11. I think that you had us read this book for two reasons. First, I feel this book explains many different types of relationships. For instance, the bond between Max and Liesel is unbreakable and Liesel’s relationship with the mayor’s wife is very fragile. Secondly, I think that this book teaches us a lot about nazi Germany during the Holocaust. This was a very bad time in the world so it is important for us to know about and understand. I do think this should be a class read because it was a little confusing and I did have trouble reading the beginning.

    • I agree with Jared that we should read this in class because it is such a different style of book that it can get very confusing at times it would make more sense if you had someone to talk to about what was going on with the book and get different ideas about the book as your reading it. But, overall I am glad I read it because it taught me many different things about the Holocaust like how hiding a Jew in your basement would be like for a non-jew.

  12. In my opinion, we had to read this story because it gives us the German perspective on the vents that occurred during WWII in Germany. Most books written about the Holocaust are from the point of view of the Jewish people trying to survive. This book is relevant to our world because the colonists that came from Britain eventually treated the Native Americans similarly. First, pushing them off their land. Next, they made the Native Americans conform to their society or get killed. Some comparable events have happened in our history and we should be aware of them. This does help me better understand my world because it shows that history can repeat itself. My perspective is that you made us read this book because every event in history has two sides to the story. You have to hear both sides to fully understand the event. I like the book because it was deeper level thinking, but yet interesting at the same time. I enjoyed the ending because Liesel got to live a good life after over coming her tragic past. This story should be used again, but in my opinion it should be done as an in-school group read rather than on our own in the summer.

    • I think that you brought up a great point here, by saying that history repeats itself occasionally. I had never thought of the Native American analogy in relation to this subject of the Holocaust. At times when the book caused me to think deeply, it helped in my further understanding this dark era from both sides, just like you brought up. I think that everyone, regardless of race, religion or party during the Holocaust suffered somehow, as in the book Liesel goes through many times of anguish, and the Jews, including Max, are marching their way to concentration camps.

  13. I agree with Elijah in the sense that I cannot believe how someone can hate a group of people just because of their religion. I also agree with him when he says not many books are narrated by death. I also think that it was important for us to read this book because this was and awful time in the world and it is important that we learn about it.

    • I agree with Jared that we have to learn about the bad times like war. I think that it is important because we do not want people to repeat what Hitler did to harm other people.

  14. The Book Thief was a fantastic story. The way the author wrote using “death” as a narrator made the book confusing at first, but once I got to the third or fourth chapter I knew most of the characters, and began to figure out the way the story was being told. I believe you had us read this book so we could see not only different perspectives on the life people lived during the holocaust, but so we could see a different and new way some one has chosen to write a story. The Book Thief also helped me understand more about our world, and opened my eyes to see that even though Liesel and her family didn’t like Hitler the people still fighting against Hitler in war, were known as “the enemies”, that would be like if a family hated the US government and was still siding with them during war, and seeing the other countries as enemies, even if the other countries thought like the family. This book was a good reading, although long and sometimes confusing, I would definitely recommend it to someone.

    • I think that Julia made a great point that I agree with. She said that you wanted us to see different ways to write a story. I totally agree with this. I think that the author showed an entirely different way of writing a story. I also think that he showed not only a different way to look at perspectives of a story, but to show important themes in stories. In addition to that, to show the important things that people might miss in stories and how to make them not miss it.

  15. You made us read this because it is on exquisite piece of literature, displaying all the qualities of a good author. Foreshadowing, suspense, metaphors (colors anyone?), idioms, similes, and all the other things that authors use to spice up their writing. It certainty was a fantastic story, taking place in perhaps the darkest years of human history, rivaled only by the medieval dark ages. The wanton slaughter that occurred in Germany is indeed worthy of being immortalized in writing, but not to be honored. To be repented, and to avoid future atrocities of this nature. Let us all hope that there will be no more genocides of this scope, nature, or genesis.

  16. In “The Book Thief” there are many lessons to be learned and many events not to be repeated. This book is very relevant to the world for it shows what has happened in our dark past, in our hardest hours and worst years. It teaches us to watch ourselves and keep in mind the equality of all people, and is a great book for those who take these to heart.
    This book does help me understand the world, in many ways. Mainly in the fact that people are not perfect, we make horrible mistakes, and need to fix them, whether by negotiation or war, justice has to prevail, or the world as we know it would fall apart.
    You may have wanted us to read this book because it really shows you the wrongs in history. The parts that should never be forgotten, because they are lessons, lessons for the future, and lessons for humanity.
    My thoughts on the book are thoughts of both wonder, and sadness. I wonder why people would do such terrible things, and I am sad to know that these events happened, this book is not fiction, it is reality. I also thought that this book is very well written and has a great way of sucking you into the story, almost experiencing it first hand.
    Finally, I do think this should be a class read, because it really shows people the horrors of humanity, and the rights we must protect so these horrors never happen again.

  17. I liked reading this book. I realized that the Holocaust was a tough time for the Jews and the Germans. It was nice that the book was about a small, poor family in Germany. It showed that even the smallest people can have problems. Also, it taught me that not everyone can go into their kitchen and get a snack or get presents on their birthday. Now, I definitely am grateful for everything that I have.

    • I agree with Mckenzie, I love how this book shows the different people through out this time, I enjoyed watching them and how they survived during this cruel time. I carefully watched what different techniques were used in order to survive I liked how the author showed how people interacted with each other. This book also made me feel grateful for what I had. This girl only had book as her companionship through out the whole story, I have so many that I want to enjoy every second and not take anything for granted.

  18. The Book Thief was a very good story that I am glad you made us read. This book definitely helps me better understand our world. The book in my eyes had so many different points to it. It was about friendship, thievery, death, family and love. There were many different friendships in this book. There wasLliesel and Rudy, the mayors wife and Liesel, Rudy and Tommy Muller, Liesel and Max, and Hans and Max’s brother Erik. The thievery in the book was when Liesel stole all of the books that she wanted to steal and when she stole the fruit from the trees. The death comes in when Liesel’s brother dies on the train and when everyone she has ever loved died in the bombings. Family comes in when her mother had to leave her with the Hubermann’s. They brought her into the family and treated her like she was part of it. Love comes in when she kissed Rudy and Hans Hubermann has always loved her. I would definitely have the class read it again.

  19. You made is read this book to get a new perspective on the time and place of the story. I have read lots of books on this topic but never read one like this. People have mostly heard stories like this this one from the German or the American sides of the war. When we were younger we read more modest books on this topic but now that we are older, we can read stories like this on.

  20. I thought this was a great book. Once I got used to the slightly confusing writing style, I could not put the book down. I never really enjoyed books that took place in Nazi Germany but I really enjoyed this book. I think it had to do with the fact that it was not being told by a Jewish person talking about the struggles of hiding from the Nazis. I never thought about non-Jewish people struggling in 1940’s Germany. I thought that this was a great book choice. It was a little bit of a challenge but if you don’t challenge yourself you will be stuck reading books that are too easy for you.

    • I agree with Maggie because most books I have read about the Holocaust have been about struggling Jews and I have never really thought about what non-jews had to go through during the Holocaust. Even though the book did talk about the Holocaust it was also about a girl that was just enjoying her childhood and trying to learn while doing it which I really liked because the book would have been boring it it was just about Liesel hiding a jew in her basement or how Liesel’s family struggled because of the Holocaust.

      • I wasn’t sure if I had completed all six replies because I couldn’t find them all so I decided to do an extra one just in case.

        I agree with what both Maggie and Mckenna are saying, I did like how we were able to see the Holocaust though the eyes of someone who was not a Jew. I liked knowing how the Holocaust effected people who were for the most part innocent. Its horrible to read how one kind gesture can endanger someone’s whole family and possibly condemn them to death. I think that its an interesting new spin on the Holocaust stories rather than the classic books that tell of the struggles of a Jew during that time period.

  21. This book would be a great example of “don’t judge a book by it’s cover”. Even though in the book there were a few cases of book stealing, it isn’t mainly based on it. At first I didn’t like this book because most of the things didn’t make sense to me. After a few chapters things started to piece together and I started to like the book. The Book Thief not only helped me learn a few facts about how it was like during the Holocaust, but also showed me that almost anything can be used to narrate a book, even death! Overall, I admired this book. It wasn’t too long and definitely not too short. In my opinion, this book should be used in future summer readings, because for one, this was the only book I’ve read so far that has death as a narrator, and two, it’s a story that capture how some people really felt about the Holocaust/Hitler (didn’t approve).

  22. In my opinion, the Book Thief was an amazing novel. This book helped me get an insight about the Holocaust and how much terror the Nazis caused during World War II. At first, the book didn’t make that much sense to me about who the narrator was. However, once I realized that Death was the narrator of this book, I couldn’t put the book away. Reading about Liesel and her life during this dark period made me understand the trouble that many people had to go through during the Holocaust, especially the Jews. Overall, this book was a great read and it should definitely be done as a class read in the future.

  23. I can definitely see why this book was chosen for us to read. It was very eye opening and gave us a better understanding of what the Holocaust was really like. Having the main character be a person living in Nazi Germany during the Holocaust made the book more interesting and intriguing to follow an impoverished girl through the toughest times, especially during the time period. I’ve read some other books on the Holocaust, but they mainly followed Jewish people and their struggles. I liked how this book mainly followed a German girl, but also integrated having a Jewish man in hiding and in severe danger. Kids our age wouldn’t normally pick up a book about the Holocaust, but reading it made me appreciate our world much more and the fact that we don’t have to go through those dangerous and frightening times. I definitely think this book could be used in the future and I ended up really enjoying it.

  24. “The Book Thief” was a very good book to make us read because it shows us that things were very hard back in 1939 and compared to that we have an easy lifestyle most of the time. It teaches us not to take advantage of everything and learn to appreciate what we have. I thought it was very well-written and I kept wanting to read more. I definitely think it should be a class read again because its educational and teaches a very important lesson.

  25. I think this book was assigned for the summer reading because the author has a very different writing style. The narrator was more of a thing than a feeling/person. The Book Thief (I cannot italicize that because i am using an iPad.) relates to our world today in one way. In the book and life, there is always war that messes with people and makes people believe things that are sickening.

    • I agree with Ross completely. The authors writing style was so unique. I enjoyed reading about Liesel and everything she experienced through the eyes of such a dark and depressing thing as death, rather than a person. It was amazing that Markus was able to bring an inanimate object such as death, to life. I thoroughly enjoyed looking at Nazi Germany through such a different perspective.

  26. Initially, when I found out this book took place in Nazi German during the time of the Holocaust, I thought that the story would be narrated by a Jew, like most of them are. However, as I read on, I found out that it follows a young German Girl by the name of Liesel, and her story is told by Death. At first, the book had confused me, and I thought that the story would drag on and on. But, after reading several chapters, I was hooked, and I quickly devoured the pages. What intrigued me was how even though the story follows a German girl and her foster family, the author had chosen to make Liesel and the Hubermanns have a neutral/hate view of Hitler, as they harbor a Jewish man in their basement. I enjoyed being able to read about how this point in history affected the people of Germany, whether they be pro or in opposition of the Nazi party. All in all, I thought that this book was exceptionally well written, and it should be a class read again.

  27. Dear IACCARIL,
    I was wondering why you had us read this style of writing rather than a normal type book where the narrator was a character in the story and not some other being. Did you chose us to read this book because of the genre of the book being the holocaust or did you have us read it based on the style of writing. Also if you were to pick a new book to read next year what type of book would it be? Would it be the same kind of style same genre or would you go for a brand new style and if so what would that style be.

  28. At the beginning of the book, I thought we were assigned the book to learn about Jews during the Holocaust. As I continued with the book I realized that the style of the book and the narrator were both different then any other book I have read. I learned that even though the book had been written in a different style then most books, it didn’t make it a bad book and actually made me want to read the book faster because I wanted to find out more about “Death”, the narrator. I think that you assigned us to read this book because it was a style of book that no one had ever most likely read before and we could learn from a different perspective in the Holocaust.

  29. I believe that the main reason you chose this book for our class to read is so we can look at different perspectives. When Nazi Germany is brought up the main perspective that is focused on is what the Jews went through. The novel was mainly built around Liesel and her German family which made me have a better understanding of what the Germans went through at that time period. Although they didn’t believe in what Hitler was doing, they still were quiet about there opinions so no harm would be caused. Looking through the eyes of different people is a great life lesson because then you will have a better realization of how people feel in different situations.

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