How I met Your Mother: Ted Evelyn Mosby

HIMYM is a show that revolves around five characters, Ted Mosby(Josh Radnor), Barney Stinson(Neil Patrick Harris), Lily Aldrin(Alyson Hannigan), Marshall Eriksen(Jason Segel), and Robin Scherbatsky(Cobie Smulders). This show starts of when Ted decides to tell his children a detailed story about how he met their children. This show is amazingly written with multiple incredible aspects. HIMYM  is funny and witty show that also has a story that grasps the viewers. But I think the most incredible part of this show is how the characters change over the course of the show. Today, I would like to talk about the narrator, Ted Evelyn Mosby.

Ted is a romantic who believes in destiny and signs from the universe. He searches for the one in New York city while also trying to fulfill his dream of becoming an architect. He goes through many hardships while trying to find his love. He finds 3 significant girlfriends throughout the seasons. First, Robin Scherbatsky is a independent woman who later becomes one of his best friends. They go to as far as engagement but breaks up after realizing that their paths are too different. Second, Stella leaves him at the wedding altar and runs away with her ex-boyfriend. Third, Victoria, who seemed like a perfect match for Ted finally breaks up when Ted realizes that he still has feelings left for Robin. Even though things don’t end well for the first eight seasons, Ted’s future wife is revealed in the season finale of season 8. Since Ted’s dream of a successful architect has been fulfilled(currently has a building in New York and is a professor), I hope his search for “the one” goes successfully.  



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