Haiti Earthquake

The Haiti earthquake of 2010 was an impactful disaster that struck the nation. It was recorded at 7.0M. The death count was about 220,000 and about 30,000 buildings collapsed or were damaged. Many countries responded to the disaster with humanitarian aid, making funds, rescue and medical teams, engineers and support personnel. The people of Haiti did not know very well in advance. Haiti is the 149th poorest country in the world, which makes it hard to afford professional grade equipment to detect earthquakes. Because of this, they were only aware of the impending earthquake about an hour beforehand. Most did not want to leave as these were their homes and had little money to go anywhere else. About 65% of the population stayed. Not all died, but because of most people not leaving, the death toll was very high. Although Haiti suffered and is still suffering, they are getting lots of support and help to make their country better.


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