You didn’t really think that the Celtics could actually pull off a 04’ Red Sox against the New York Yankees, when the Sox became the first professional team to come back from a three games to zero in a playoff? Did you? Overall I believe that it is time for the old Celtics to come to an end. Paul Pierce needs to cut down on his minutes each game, and Kevin Garnett will retire after an outstanding career in the NBA.

Photo Credit: wyckeddreamz

Photo Credit: wyckeddreamz

After going down three games early to the New York Knicks we should have known it was over for the Celtics. In the history of over 100 NBA teams in the same situation of being down three games to zero all have lost the series and none ever have come back to win. The Celtics’s hope soon came back to life when the next two games where Celtic victories. The Celtics giving their last push to go through to the next round. Game 6 of the playoffs was a nail biter. The Celtics were down by over 20 points, but scored 20 unanswered points to close the gap. They had to be perfect to take the lead, but had a couple of missed shots and turnovers.  Pierce and Garnet gave their all, but they are just too old and could not come back to win.  It may be sad, but they will always be remembered.

The Celtics still have a bright future though. They will still have Rajon Rondo and Jeff Green one of the best players on the team right now. Next year will come with many different possibilities. Maybe they will shock us with a whole new team or even the same exact team. I guess we will just have to wait and find out.


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