Paying to visit the Beach?

Every public beach you go to, you have to pay. How ridiculous is that? People with limited income have to give their money to the town that the beach is on. Who owns the beach anyway? People should have to pay a little bit, but it shouldn’t be as expensive.

They should find something more reasonable such as a dollar an hour instead of around $30 for one day. Many people these days are struggling with money, and when they need to relax, it’s unfair to pay that amount of money for just a couple of hours on a public beach. I understand the towns are trying to pay for the roads, money for lifeguards, and bathrooms on the beaches, however, around $30 a day is excessive if you have over 500 cars at the beach, that’s more than enough money to cover the towns needs.

The beach is a natural shore. It shouldn’t be owned, and people shouldn’t have to pay an unreasonable amount of money to go to it. The beach is a place of fun and relaxation. People shouldn’t have to pay to go to it.


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