My Top 5 Favorite Book Series

I have read many books, which makes this blog particularly difficult to write.  This week, I am going to talk about my 5 favorite book series.  I really enjoy reading fantasy books and books about the middle ages.  So a few of them are all in that genre.  Warning: I will not give away the ending of any of these books, but I will explain briefly what the first book is about.  Skip a paragraph if you already plan on reading the book, and do not want to know even the beginning.


My 5th favorite, one I haven’t read in a few years, but I remember that I loved the Percy Jackson Series as a kid.  The first story, The Lightning Thief, is about a boy named Percy Jackson, who is the son of a Greek God.  For his own protection against monsters, he is taken to a summer camp where other demigods live.  There he learns that a lightning bolt was stolen from Zeus, the most powerful God.  Percy is swept into a quest where he risks his life many times to save Zeus’s symbol of power.  These books are action packed, and also a bit funny.


In 4th place is a very well known book, “The Hunger Games.”  It is about Katniss, a teenager living in the future after the city called The Capitol takes over all of present day North America.  The Capitol rules over 12 districts.  Each district has to send in 2 tributes to fight to the death in the Hunger Games.  When Katniss’s sister Prim is chosen, Katniss volunteers to take her place.  The Hunger Games is a trilogy, but I only really enjoyed the first book.


Halfway through in 3rd place is the Inheritance series, by Christopher Paolini, which includes four lengthy novels starting with Eragon.  It is very similar to the first place series.  It has the same sort of fantasy middle ages aspect that I enjoy.  Eragon is about a farm boy named Eragon who finds a dragon egg while hunting in the wilderness.  When he brings it home, the egg hatches for him, so he talks to an old man named Brom to learn about his dragon.  Eventually, Brom becomes suspicious, and brings Eragon on a quest to teach him how to become a dragon rider.


My 2nd favorite book series is the Harry Potter series, which is a very well known book series about a boy named Harry Potter who grew up with his abusive aunt and uncle.  Harry learns he is not only a wizard, but one of the most famous wizards.  He is accepted into Hogwarts School to learn magic.  All the other young witches and wizards are eager to meet the boy who, as a baby, survived an attack by an evil wizard, Lord Voldemort.


My favorite book series is The Lord of The Rings.  Frodo Baggins is a hobbit, a simple race of small man-like people.  Hobbits like to keep to their homeland of The Shire, but Gandalf the Gray, a wizard who had sent his Uncle Bilbo on a quest a while back, sends Frodo on his own adventure.  During Bilbo’s quest, Bilbo finds a ring, which he passes down to Frodo.  Now after Frodo inherits the ring, he must go on a quest to destroy it.  An old power is threatening the land of Middle Earth, and if The Dark Lord Sauron gets the ring all hope will be lost.  The ring has unnatural powers, because Sauron forged it.  Dropping it into a volcano in the heart of Sauron’s realm, is the only way to destroy the ring.  It is a dangerous place, and exactly where Frodo needs to go.  This Trilogy without doubt deserves the top spot, another book by the same author, J.R.R. Tolkien, the Hobbit is about Bilbo’s adventure, and is also great background for reading Lord of the Rings.



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