Mcdonald’s in Dubai

 There are many different foods all around the world and in different countries. Many countries eat different kinds of food and eat it in very traditional styles. However, McDonald’s would like to expand its chain out of the United States and into these different countries. Most countries did not like McDonald’s in their countries, so McDonald’s would have to make the food more like the country’s style of food.

Dubai, a city in United Arab Emirates, has an Arabic style of food, which means that their main meal is lunch. If McDonald’s were to make a menu in Dubai it would have to have breakfast. Dubai’s breakfast is very basic but will satisfy your palette consisting of croissants, yogurt, and Kaak bagels. Their Lunch is the big meal of their day and is very sacred. It consists of many types of meat like chicken, beef, and lamb. It is a big part of Arabic cultural identity. The side dish would be falafel, which is just like an Arabic French fry. The whole lunch meal is served with, the main bread, Roti bread. Other lunch choices consist of fish and salad, which many women of the country eat. Dinner is not a very big meal but people will normally have cheese, coffee, and maybe some left over meat. They do not eat very many deserts because of religious reasons. Overall McDonald’s would have to really impress the people of Dubai to make good food.

Dubai is a very modern style city with many world records for buildings and roller coasters. McDonald’s has to make their buildings look very unique if they want to look normal in the city. Overall, Dubai is one of the best places to put a foreign investment of McDonald’s.


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