Top 5 Most Colorful Animals

A while ago, I did a couple top 5’s.  To bring them back for the next couple months, I will start with one about animals, just like the other top 5 blogs I did.  Today I will show you 5 of the most colorful animals.

To start us off, I will bring you back to a post from last Wednesday.  I wrote about snorkeling in the Caribbean, and one of the fish species that I saw is the 5th place on this list.  The parrotfish is the most beautiful fish that I have ever seen.  It comes in blues and greens and has yellow markings.  The parrotfish can only be found in the Caribbean Sea’s shallow reefs.

Next in line is the peacock at 4th place.  These multicolored birds live in the Congo and on the Indian subcontinent.  All peacocks are male.  They spread their huge colorful tail feathers into a fan shape to attract peahens, the females of the peafowl species.  When their tail feathers are spread out it makes it over half as wide as it is long.  The feathers have circular, eye-like markings on them of many colors, which is how they made it on this list.

lorikeet photo credit: katoriki

photo credit: katoriki

In 3rd place is the parrotfish’s namesake, the parrot.  More specifically the Scarlet Macaw.  This bird is mostly red but has blue and yellow wings with blue and red tail feathers.  These birds live mainly around Brazil, but can also be found in Mexico.  These bird mate for life, and even share their food with one another.

Our 2nd most colorful animal is not only another bird, but also is another parrot.  It has many different colors on its feathers including blues, reds, and greens, yellows, and even purples.  In addition, an orange beak completes the set, hence the name rainbow lorikeet.  Though most male birds are more colorful than the females, it is almost impossible to see whether a lorikeet is male or female.  These colorful birds can be spotted in southern Australia.

The rainbow lorikeet is hard to beat, but there is one animal I have found to be even more colorful.  Finally, the most colorful animal in the world is the Panther Chameleon.  These animals have the ability to change colors, based on the surrounding temperature and the animal’s mood.  This chameleon’s habitat is the jungles of northern Madagascar.

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