Oblivion is a science-fiction movie about a group of humans who strive to survive after an alien attack. The movie begins with a man named Jack Harper, who is working as an engineer on earth. The earth was invaded by aliens, and the humans bombed them with nuclear weapons, which made earth inhabitable. The humans made a colony on Titan, Saturn’s largest moon, and sent Jack and Victoria to manage the droids, machines that make sure to keep the Tet, a machine that absorbs the energy and water off the ocean to make living in Titan bearable, safe. The droids guard off the aliens known as the scavengers who try to sabotage the Tet. On duty, Jack encounters a spaceship with a number of survivors. The droids start to exterminate the survivors, and Jack stops them. The only survivor is Julia, who refuses to talk about her missions. Julia demands that Jack take her back to the spaceship and while Jack and Julia investigate, they get kidnapped by the scavengers who turn out to be a group of humans. The scavengers claim that the group ordering Jack Harper has erased his memory and say that the scavengers are the humans and the owner of the Tet is an alien. They need Jack Harper to access the droid they have captured to send the nuclear bomb to Titan to destroy the aliens. Jack Harper refuses, and the leader of the Scavengers, Malcolm Beech, lets him go and tells him to go to the radiation zone that contains the truth. Jack finds the ruins of Empire State building, which he remembers from his dream. His dream was of him holding a wedding ring and meeting with Julia. He realizes that the dreams were memories and that Julia was his wife before the attack. Jack now knowing the truth, goes back to Malcolm and agrees to listen to the whole story. Malcolm tells him that two astronauts, Jack and Victoria were investigating Titan. When they were about to be captured by the Tet, they released a spaceship containing a team of astronauts including Julia. The spaceship hovered in space until it reached Earth. Jack and Julia were captured, and the aliens made copies of them to destroy the earth. Now realizing the truth Jack agrees to access the droid, but other droids attack and destroys the scavengers’ droid. Jack decides to take the bomb himself and convinces the Tet that he will take Julia back if they let him in. The person in the case turns out to be Malcolm Beech and the nuclear bomb explodes and takes down the Tet as well as Jack and Malcolm. The movie ends when another clone of Jack Harper meets the scavengers and Julia back on earth.

    Oblivion was a good movie with unexpected twists in the movie. I suspected that the Tet might be the alien force from the beginning, but the clones of Jack and Victoria was really surprising. Overall, Oblivion had a good story, and it was an interesting movie to watch.


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