Project Aware

Project Aware is a worldwide association created to preserve the seas. The association also give out member licenses when they have taken classes and completed objectives necessary to become a member. The classes are lead by instructors who have achieved the specialty instructor level. The lectures are about the damage done to oceans by humans and their solutions. Some of these issues are overfishing, pollution, and coral reef destruction. Overfishing is caused when companies have broken the limit of fish allowed to be catched in a certain area. This messes up the food chain and causes some species to go extinct. Pollution is caused when people deliberately or accidently release waste into the oceans. There have been chemicals hard to take care of deliberately released in the oceans and there are accidental oil spills. Coral reefs are beautiful plants that grow underwater. Scuba Divers accidentally knock over or break these plants while moving around, and some take them home for souvenirs. The Project Aware teams’ mission is to minimize the damage done to the oceans through active volunteer work(picking up trash) or forming protests against companies that overfish and causes pollution.



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