The Boston Marathon Bombing

There was a bombing in Boston on the 2013 Patriot’s Day(4-15). The bomb explosion happened while the Boston Marathon was taking place. The Boston Marathon is an event where tremendous amounts of marathoners from all over the world gather to compete or simply finish. In this respected event, some lunatic decided to come and bomb Boston and left 3 people dead and about 175 people injured. The bombs were the pressure cooker bombs, knowned to be cheap, easy to build, and destructive. Two bombs were fired at 2:50 p.m 15 seconds apart. They were placed near the finish line along the Boylston Street. Even though the area was inspected for bombs twice(one sweep occurred 1 hour before the bombing), as people were allowed to carry things freely around the area, the tragedy happened. The FBI(Federal Bureau of Investigation) is currently leading the search, but no arrests were made even though there are a few suspects. The terrorist who bombed the marathon is a lunatic who must be captured at once.


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