Caribbean post 2: Bitter End Yacht Club

Photo Credit: Myself

Photo Credit: Myself

Another great location in the British Virgin Islands, Is on the same Island as the last location I blogged about.  The Bitter End Yacht Club is located in the most beautiful setting I have ever seen, Gorda Sound on the north part of the island, Vigin Gorda.  There are many things to do, both leisurely and active in the beautiful tropical setting.

There are a few great restaurants in the area, most notably Saba Rock.  This restaurant and hotel is located on a small island within Gorda Sound.  The only way to get to it is by dinghy or a short ride in a small ferry.  There is always a place to relax.  Hammocks are strung everywhere between palm trees.  And there are lounge chairs overlooking the pool and Gorda Sound.

If you are more of an active person, there are also many activities to do for fun.  There are many hiking trails prepared.  They go up and down the mountain that towers out of the water.  In addition, you can rent small sailboats to have a fun time sailing around or exploring Gorda Sound.


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