The Boy In The Striped Pajamas


In the book, The Boy In The Striped Pajamas, it begins with a little boy named Bruno who lives in Berlin, Germany with his mother, father, and sister. His father works for the nazis, and his job gets moved out to the countryside to run a concentration camp. Bruno is sad to leave all of his friends in Berlin but his mother assured him that he will make new ones where they are moving. When they arrive there however, Bruno finds that there are no other houses for miles, not to mention any children to play with. After days of being bored and lonely, he decides to go for a walk through the woods, even though his parents had forbidden it. As he was walking, he walked up to a metal barbed fence. A little boy was sitting alone on the other side of the fence. Bruno was desperate for a friend, so he sat down and began talking with the boy. His name was Shmuel, and the two boys became good friends. They met almost everyday at that spot, but one day, Bruno’s dad told Bruno that it was time for him and his sister to return to Berlin. Bruno didn’t want to leave though, he had just made a friend! He has to find a way to stay with his new friend, Shmuel.

I really liked the book, The Boy In The Striped Pajamas because it explained how Bruno was feeling in all the parts of the book really well. It describes how lonely he is before he meets Shmuel, then how happy he is and intrigued when he meets Shmuel. I think anyone who likes reading about World War II or about friendships should read this, because it is an entirely different perspective on both of those. I think that the author was very vague in a lot of parts of the book, and even though I think that they meant to be, I think that I would have enjoyed the book more if the author had been a bit less vague. I like this book more than other books that I’ve read like it because it isn’t like any of the others, it gives a fresh new perspective. After reading this book, I really liked it and would definitely recommend it to other people.


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