Top 5 Video Game Easter Eggs

Easter eggs, in video games, are hidden objects, quests, missions, rooms, people or anything of that nature that are put in the game solely for fun. So, without further ado, my top 5 favorite video game Easter eggs!

5. Creepy room in Portal 2.

Number five goes to an Easter egg in one of my favorite games of all time, Portal 2. Portal 2 is set in a sort of apocalyptic future where the main character has to go through stage after stage of meaningless puzzles set up by computers. The Easter egg is actually a set of hidden rooms where anonymous people have written messages about having no hope.

Click here for pictures of them:

4. Pokemon Red/Blue- MISSINGO

In Pokemon Red and Blue, there is a hidden pokemon named MISSINGO, which is actually a spare bit of code, which the developer decided to give stats. It can be used to duplicate rare items.

3. Jar Jar Binks frozen in carbonite.

Another one of my favorite games, Star Wars, The Force Unleashed. On one of the walls, you can see Jar Jar, the hated character of Star Wars, frozen in carbonite.

2. Chrono Trigger sarcastic developer room.

This one made me laugh when I saw it, if you manage to beat the game, and find the bonus level, when you restart, a gate appears and the development team is on the other side, a message appears saying:

“Congrats on beating the game,

Now get a life!!”

1. Hidden room in “Adventure”

This is number one because it is the first Easter egg ever created. If you do a certain set of things in the 1980’s video game “Adventure” you can see a room where the programmers wrote some messages!


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