Louisville vs Michigan: National Championship Game

Monday night’s basketball game, Louisville vs Michigan, was a thrilling national championship game where both teams performed at an exciting level where you could tell who would win until the end. This was Michigan’s first championship appearance since 1995. Louisville was number one in the country, and Rick Pitino was looking to be the first coach to win two national championships on two different teams. Michigan, number four, was not willing to give up easily, though.


Michigan seemed to control the ball game for most of the first half, never letting Louisville take the lead at all. Michigan appreciated the help of Michael Joseph Albrecht, a bench player whose career high was 7 points but managed to score 17 points in the championship game. However, Michigan’s lead of over a dozen would soon fall apart when another bench player, Luke Hancock from Louisville goes on fire and makes a series of three pointers and lay ups to bring Louisville on a 14-1 run. At the half Michigan would only be up by one point.


Early in the second half, Wayne blackshear makes a three-point jumper to tie the game at 40. Eventually,  Louisville would take the lead that would increase to more than 5 points sometimes. Luke hancock and Peyton Siva would score many of these points, as they were the two top scorers of the game on Louisville. Louisville would go on to win the game by six points.


Louisville comes away with an eighty-two to seventy-six victory against Michigan on the Monday night National College Basketball Championship. Rick Pitino now is the first coach to win two national championship titles coaching two different teams. When Louisville won, they let Kevin Ware, the player who was taken out of a previous game because of a horrific leg injury, cut the net.


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