Spring time. To most it brings delightful thoughts to their head, warm weather, flowers, and babies. Who wouldn’t like spring? Only those who understand what is behind this awful season sent from the devil. Firstly, all the snow is melting off everything, creating not just small rivers rampaging down roads destroying everything and everyone in their path, but a massive amount mud that is impossible to miss. With the ground coated like a cake only with mud, and rivers tearing up the ground like a tiger eating flesh off its recently dismantled pray, it’s hard to enjoy spring. There is no escaping allergy season when caught in spring. Flowers sprouting everywhere, lawns being cut, and winds gusts to blow all the pollen throughout the air. Then going through everyday life becomes a drag while sneezing and coughing every ten seconds. No one likes to be sick, especially for a whole season, so how is it that one can enjoy spring? Lastly, spring is right before summer. Summer. No more school, no more homework, and one can do whatever they want to do. Yet there is only one thing in between dreams and reality, spring. Leaving most students counting down to the day they can finally be free. But until that day, that day spring ends, that day summer starts, that day when life becomes easier, I ponder at who can enjoy spring.



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