Everyone loves smarties. After all, why eat Dum Dums when smarties are so much better and have a much nicer name. Smarties are a great source of sugar and lifts energy levels. they have no fat and are not bad health wise. Smarties come individually wrapped and are easy to transport. They sound wonderful, so why would a school ever think to ban them?

 Summit middle school in Colorado decided to ban smarties because believe it or not, kids were smoking them. No, the students did not light them up on fire. Instead, they crush them up into a fine powder, inhaled the powder and blew out light dust. This did not last too long, but other students from other schools hard about the craze and began doing the same. However, some students took this further and began snorting the smartie dust. Now, many schools are looking to do the same by banning smarties.

I believe this is crazy. If we start banning smarties where will we end? Kids are creative. If they want to fake smoke they will find another candy to do the same with. Schools should let kids be kids. It is not bad for them and no one is getting hurt. After all, at least they’re not smoking actual cigarettes.


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