NBA Playoff Odds

This year The playoff in the Eastern Conference of the NBA seem much less even than in the previous years. In the Eastern conference you have the Miami Heat in 1st seed (60-16) and will stay that way because the closest team to them is the New York Knicks, who are 10 games back with about 4 or 5 games left. In the West you have the San Antonio Spurs in the 1st seed (57-20), and in the second seed is the Oklahoma City Thunder only 1 game behind with a 56-21 record. The West’s 5 seed team is the Los Angeles Clippers who are only 6 games behind the number one seed. This proves the West is more even because the 5 seed in the West is closer to the number one than the East. Many people think its going to be the Heat easily getting to the Finals because there seems to be no competition. This may seem byis coming from a Celtics fan but I think they could be the biggest threat to the Heat along with the Knicks if they can get by Knicks which will most likely be their 1st round opponent. I think the Heat can easily beat any team but these two as shown in regular season games Heat 105-91 for the Indiana Pacers in a mid season game in Miami. But the Celtics have made a the Heat struggle in the games they had beaten them. The Heat recently beat the C’s 105-103 in a game that they would have lost if not for their winning streak, which inspired them to make a last 2 minute come back after being down about 10 points. If the streak was not on the line they would have given up. Not to mention the C’s had won the previous game 100-98 in OT. The Knicks have not lost yet to the Heat this season, beating them by 20 or more points in the first two and by 12 in the last. These two teams are in my opinion the only two who could possibly take down the Heat in the Playoffs. As for the West there is no saying what could happen. The Spurs have been number one seed to finish the season for the last two years, and didn’t make it to the Finals in either. This could be their year, or just the same as the last couple years. The Thunder are thought to be the most dominant team in the West by most, and why blame them? They have two superstars in Russell Westbrook, and Kevin Durant, who can a have been leading their team to a great season. I personally think that the Nuggets could have been a big threat to the Thunder but the loss of small forward Danilo Gallinari will make them have a much harder time doing so. Obviously, this years NBA playoffs will be exciting as always, so thats what I think of the 2012-13 NBA playoffs.         



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