MLB 2K13 Review

Baseball is a very complicated sport. There are so many little details that are hard to simulate into a video game. But for years it has seemed that the MLB 2K series hasn’t been able to get the major details right. As a Xbox 360 owner, the 2K series is the only one available. MLB The Show is the best sports game available, but it is only on the Playstation 3. So when I picked up my copy of MLB 2K13, I was not expecting much from the game. What I got was even worse. Here is my review of the game

Graphics: 4/10

The MLB The Show series has every little detail possible for the graphics. So when you compare it to 2K13, you feel like you are watching a comic from the 70s. The Graphics are the same exact thing as 2012. There are no improvements to the player faces or ballparks. There are many details on the parks that are not even there anymore in the game. The players still show emotions though, and although they are not very realistic, they still add a element of fun to the game. The swings and batter stances look pretty detailed as well. Overall though, they need some major updating. 

Gameplay: 6/10

The one bright spot of the game is the pitching mechanics. You have to think about where you locate your pitches. For example, if you are using a left handed pitcher and leave a curveball hanging to a right handed batter he will hit a homerun. The AI remembers where you throw pitches and punishes you if you make the same mistake twice. It gives the game a somewhat realistic feeling. The hitting isn’t terrible, but it is not good either. It it very simple, and feels like a sort of arcade game. Any ball hit near the warning track is caught. Every outfielder has great speed, even guys like Nelson Cruz. 

Commentary: 7/10

The commentators are very detailed. Every pitcher is thoroughly explained by John Kruk and his crew. It is nice to hear commentary when you bat, as The Show is just dead silent during ABs. I have learned many things from listening to the stuff they say in the game, and don’t often hear the same thing more than once. 2K did one thing right at least

 Overall: 5/10

Honestly, all MLB 2K13 is is a copy of MLB 2K12. So if you want a baseball game for your Xbox, just go out and buy an older 2K game for half the price. Because I guarantee that it will play the same.


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