Louisville Finally Wins Big


photo taken by Adam Glanzman

Tonight’s the night where dreams come true or fall apart for some young basketball players. Its the night of the NCAA Basketball College Championship in Atlanta, Georgia at 9.23 P.M. Eastern time, between Louisville and Michigan University. Louisville is ranked 1. in their division and Michigan is ranked 4. Michigan’s Sophomore point guard, Trey Burke is this year’s Wooden award winner. He is averaging 14.2 points and 6.7 assists per game in the tournament.

Louisville’s record is 34-5 and Michigan’s record is 31-7. I think that they are very evenly matched despite the record. Michigan is apart of the big ten conference which most people including me  think is the toughest division in the country, while Louisville is in the Big East conference which isn’t as tough. Louisville is very deadly on transition offense and in the post for offense and defense. Louisville’s 6’11 center is a very good shot blocker, rebounder, and inside scorer. Michigan is also great on transition offense, but they are a better outside scoring team.

As I watched the game last night Michigan hit 3-pointers that NBA players can’t make. I think that louisville beat michigan because Trey Burke was in foul trouble. I think Louisville’s coach is smarter than Michigan’s coach and that played a big part in the game. Congratulations to Louisville and their fans and I hope Kevin Ware gets better.


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