Challenging, yes. Awesome, yes. Fun, absolutely. Going through glades gives anybody the rush they’re looking for. Glades are wooded trails on a ski mountain, mainly designed for expert skiers. But there’s more… Only open with natural snow which just makes them that much better. What mainly attracts people is the danger lying within. Entering, a feeling overwhelms the body almost as a second voice, asking if this was the right idea. This is where using the whole body is needed, but lean too far and clobbering by trees will be sure to follow. To add to the drama is mounds of snow acting like waves trying to bring you under never to be found again. While racing down the slope at high speeds and turning every five feet, your mind goes crazy, yet to continue on the dangers, there are sticks and stones popping up everywhere. To avoid these there are three options, go around, go over, or go through. The problem with falling is there is no one to help. Either you get out yourself, or never come out. That is why the glades are the fun, thrilling event on a ski mountain.



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