Red Bull Kluge: The Athlete Machine

You could describe Red Bull Kluge very simply as a machine. But there is nothing simple about Red Bull Kluge. Among its parts are 11 world-class athletes, a crew of 100 people, three half-pipes, a skateboard, an off-road truck, a dirt bike, a helicopter and a bowling ball purchased from Craigslist.

Captured in a four-minute video filmed inside an airplane hangar, Red Bull Kluge is the brainchild of Adam Sadowsky, co-founder of Syyn Labs, the creative collective best known for producing OK Go’s magical music video for This Too Shall Pass.

Sadowsky has been obsessed with the fusion of science and art since he “was like 2 years old,” he says. Growing up in Los Angeles, he built drink-pouring machines and monster-catching traps that enthralled him to the point where his mother let him skip school and visit the Museum of Science and Industry. Filming took four hours and  the video speaks for itself. Complex machinery and world-class athletes combined to create the epic Red Bull Kluge.


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