The Killing of Dolphins

Dolphins are one of the oceans most interesting fish. Because dolphins are so interesting, humans tend to give them a lot of attention. Some of humans attention towards dolphins is helpful, but some attention is very threatful, and we need to do something about these threats.

 There are many impactful threats that humans have on dolphins. The hunting and slaughtering of dolphins is one threat humans make  towards dolphins. Fisherman use harpoons to stab and kill the dolphins. They hoist the dead dolphins onto a scale and see how big they are. Then they use the dolphins for food, clothing, or even to show off to their friends. Water pollution and climate change are natural threats, as some dolphins are not equipped for enduring harsh environments. Although places like Sea World and Disney have fun dolphins to watch, some dolphins are suffering. The majority of the dolphins that are really suffering are the ones that were brought from the wild. This is because the dolphins are so used to being able to roam free, that when they get to an enclosed environment they are disoriented of their new environment. Because of all these threats, dolphins are becoming lower and lower on the food chain every year. There are also many good things humans do to help dolphins. A man named Hardy Jones took videos of stringent slaughter of dolphins and shared it with the world. He created a revolution to stop dolphin slaughter. People also dive into deep waters and rescue dolphins from fishing nets. Governments are also doing a lot to help dolphins. U.S.A made it illegal to hunt dolphins in, or around their waters. The WSPA also cares for and treats dolphins all the time.

Dolphins face  Dolphins are hunted and captured, but are also saved and cared for. We all have an impact on dolphins and we can all make a


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