Mad about “Mad”


photo credit: wikimedia commons
photo of “Mad” Magazine logo

Are you looking for some entertainment? If so, “Mad” magazine is worth taking a look at. These hilarious magazines are filled with spoofs and puns, and are unlike anything I have ever read. Just search for the goofy looking mascot with the missing tooth, and you will be laughing in no time.

“Mad” magazine can only really be described as crazy. There is a large assortment of fake advertisements, letters to the editor, and spoofs on everything under the sun. I read an issue recently mocking  “The Twilight Saga”, and was entertained for a while. The magazines containing longer stories tend to be much larger than other issues. Although, neither are very lengthy.

Overall, my favorite part about “Mad” is the comics. In every issue, there are about four pages of comics with a certain theme and a mish-mash of others near the end. Another favorite, is the fold-in page. The reader folds “Point A” at the top to meet “Point B”, and a hidden picture and message appears.

Unfortunately, there are only six issues a year, coming out with a new one every two months. However, they are worth the wait. I wouldn’t recommend this magazine to kids because some jokes can be a little dirty. Be sure to check out their website or get a subscription! You’ll be mad about “Mad”!


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