The Difference a Year Makes

Many things remain the same each year.  We always have birthdays at the same time, school starts and ends similar to every year, and holidays also come and go at the same time every year, but what always will change is the weather. Last year was nice and warm around spring time, but this year we will say it’s different a lot different.

                                Old Spring                                                                                                          New Spring


Photo Credit: promanex                                                                                      Photo Credit: Herry Lawford

According to the National Weather Service the average mid March temperatures are around 35º to 37ºF. Last year this average was a lot higher than the average overall. The mid March average temperature was 73º to 78ºF. This year the average temperature dropped to 25º to 34ºF in the mid March time period.

Many things stay the same in a year, but we can always count on the weather to change.


(Old Spring)-

(New Spring)-


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