The Croods Movie Review

This past weekend I went and saw the newest family movie, The Croods. The Croods was produced by Dreamworks Animation and distributed by 20th Century Fox. The film stars Nicolas Cage, Emma Stone and Cloris Leachman, as well as some other well known actors and actresses.

The plot:

The Croods are a family of cavemen, surviving as the last humans in their area. Eep, Thunk, and Sandy are three siblings, told by their father, Grug (Nicolas Cage), and their mother, Ugga (Catherine Keener), to always stay in the family cave. They are taught that the outside world is a dangerous and evil place, until Eep (Emma Stone), the rebellious teenage daughter, sneaks out during the night and unexpectedly meets Guy (Ryan Reynolds). Guy is a homeless “caveteen” who finds fun in everything, and believes that the world is there to explore. He and Eep get talking, and become good friends. Later that night, an earthquake destroys the Crood’s cave and the family, as well as Guy, has an adventure to find a new cave.

So how was it as a whole?

It was entertaining for a while, but then I questioned where the story was going. There was no real big conclusion. The script in no way was at all “Crude” as suggested in the title, and is appropriate and enjoyable for anyone. I guess you could say it was funny for young kids, but honestly, I never heard anyone laugh genuinely, except for the occasional cackle of a woman behind me that found everything hilarious and the group of 6 year olds up front. Although, the comic relief grandmother, Gran (Cloris Leachman) was good, and had some funny lines. The animation was okay, but Dreamworks has really done better.

Conclusion and should you see it:

I believe that The Croods is unfortunately just a “filler” movie until Dreamworks next big movie premier. Nothing about this movie really screamed “classic Dreamworks” or “number one family movie of 2013”. I give this movie 7 stars out of 10 for a promising but unfinished storyline. Should you see it? Not in theatres. Wait until it makes it to a good price at walmart. Kids will love this movie, but I was a little disappointed. Hopefully Dreamworks will soon get back on their feet and make a new classic like they did with Shrek and How To Train Your Dragon.


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