Sunday River


No, Sunday River is not a river, it is a ski mountain. Sunday River is a large mountain with eight peaks. It ranges from very difficult to fairly easy trails on one of its 132 trails and glades. This mountain is a great place to ski with friends and families. Sunday River is located in Maine and it takes a good three hours to get to it from Massachusetts.

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The whole mountain consists of White Cap, Locke Mountain, Barker Mountain, Spruce Peak, North Peak, Auropa Peak, Oz, and Jordan Bowl these are the eight peaks that make up Sunday River. The mountain is covered with black and double black diamonds, but my favorite parts are the Jordan Bowl and Oz peaks. This area is mostly the more difficult trails such as Wizard’s Gulch and Flying Monkey which are my two favorite trails at Sunday River. On the opposite side of Sunday River is White Cap peak. White Cap is the home of the famous White Heat trail. White Heat is a trail that goes in one direction down it has no turns on it just down. White Cap also has Chutzpah, this trail is an alpine trail and you must be careful. A little ways down on Chutzpah is a cliff drop about six feet high it is all ice and rock so be careful not to wreck your skis or board.


The trail infrastructure was designed for easy access to Lodges and resort services. The great accessibility at Sunday River makes it a very enjoyable stay.



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