Difficulty with piercings

Everybody has the right to dress, act, and adorn themselves with whatever they want. However, piercings beyond your ears and belly button have always given me pause. I often wonder what causes people to get their hips pierced or back laced or gages in their ears. I especially wonder about the pain when people get their most sensitive body parts pierced, for example a tongue piercing. It’s hard to look beyond those types of piercings when you’re interacting with people that have them. I understand why somebody would want maybe two or three ear peircings, but from my perspective, they are nice looking and more like an asscesory rather than a statement.

Gages are up there in my top five for the most distracting peircings. They start out small and then make huge holes in peoples ears. I often wonder what these people are thinking before they get them. When they grow older and become elders, do they think about the look of giant holes in their ears and do they know the only way to fix it is surgery? I have nothing against these people or their choices, I just wonder if they fully think it through. Perhaps the whole idea of getting those types of body peircings is to make a statement or to stand out from the crowd.

From hearing other people and having my own perspective and experiences with ear piercings, I know that I am comfortable having just a few small ones that I wouldn’t have to regret later in life. They can be easily undone without the drastic measures of surgery and scarring. But ultimately as I stated before, everybody has the right to do their own thing.


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