Spring has Sprung!

Spring has sprung and it’s time to do some spring-cleaning! Spring-cleaning is extremely necessary and the outcome is very rewarding. Many people don’t bother with this yearly task, but they really should.

Personally, I pick up my room at the end of the week– every week, and I usually vacuum. This makes spring-cleaning less of a hassle, but after a long winter of the windows being closed and the dust collecting, a thorough freshening of your room will help you sleep better, make your room more spacious, and help you find missing belongings.

Here are a few tips on spring-cleaning and how to spruce up your room for the new season. Note: these are not steps listed in a specific order.

The cleaning portion:

  1. Open up all of your windows. This will give you fresh air and energy as you clean.
  2. Put all of your laundry in the hamper, as well as your sheets and pillowcases.
  3. Pick up all of the small things on the floor that you don’t want to be vacuumed up.
  4. Move your furniture so you can vacuum under them. Dust collects the most under furniture.
  5. Clear all surfaces off (shelves, bureaus, vanities, etc.) and wipe them down with an all-surface disinfectant cleaner. DO NOT dust! Dusting just brushes the residue into the air, and it lands again on other objects.
  6. Clear and reorganize your bookshelf if you have one.
  7. Clear out that junk drawer! We all have that one drawer that tends to be the black hole of our room. You’ll be surprised what you might recover! I found 2 autographs, my missing grade six yearbook, and some nice ear buds.
  8. If you have fabric curtains, take them down and shake them out outside.

The freshening and/or renovation portion:

  1. If you have the time and patience, ask your parent or guardian if you can repaint your room. This will freshen up your walls and give a nice new look to your room. Preferably paint the walls a lighter color, and by all means keep your windows open to prevent the build up of chemical fumes.
  2. Contemplate getting a new rug. Having the same one for too long collects dust and stains.

Hopefully this helps you get on the right track for the new season. Have a great spring!


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