How to survive: Roadtrip edition

This is my first March blog post! I’m glad to be back for a fresh month of writing, so let’s get started! March Break is coming up and many people have plans to travel. Personally, I will be taking a 14 hour car ride almost nonstop, so this is what I have put together for March blog post number one: a list of what you need to survive a long road trip.

What you will need to survive a long road trip:

A backpack filled with: Paperback books to read or an e-Reader, an iPod, a tablet, headphones, your cell phone, a laptop, a few movies (typically 4 or more), a water bottle, card games, Mad Libs

Not for in the backpack, but to keep near you: Sunglasses, a light blanket, a pillow, dry shoes, chargers for your devices, an in-car outlet

  • Sleep! Bring a blanket and a pillow in the car. Nothing is worse than sitting in the car for hours and being uncomfortable.
  • Read! Bring an e-Reader (such as a kindle or a nook) to read some novels to pass the time. If you don’t have an e-Reader bring lightweight paperback books.
  • Drink! Keep hydrated.
  • Watch! Watch some TV shows or movies on your laptop, iPod, phone, or tablet.
  • Look! Just look out your window for a while. See how many different state’s license plates you can find.
  • Play! Play some card games or download some new apps on your phone, tablet, or iPod to keep you entertained. For app suggestions, read my App Review blog post.
  • Don’t! Don’t distract or bother the driver. This can lead to fatal consequences. Also, do not waste all your charge on your devices during the beginning of the trip if you don’t have any power source.

I hope this helps you think about what you want to pack and do!

We’ve all heard of Highway to Hell, but what about Highway of Hell? Talk about my “scenic” route this coming break! 14 hours of trees and pavement… hundreds of miles of pavement. Wish me luck, and have a great break!

Next in the How to survive series: How to survive: rainy day edition


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