Anze Kopitar: the best of the best

There has been a lot of great players throughout the NHL from Bobby Orr to Rene Rashard. However there has been a player over the last 7 years that has really stood out and is a very talented player. Anze Kopitar has been terrorizing the league since 2006 and is personally the best NHL player in the league.

Kopitar has a career 169 goals in 7 years and has a crazy 283 assists in those years too. Its not the craziest stats but he has done millions of “little things” in every game to help his team from intercepting passes to getting back on defense. It will be tough to for him to get in with the low stats he has for a hall of fame candidate but I think he has the potential to make it eventually. All in all he is a great player and I hope he gets in.

Kopitar has been my favorite player since 2009 when I started liking the Los Angeles Kings. I really started to like him when my Dad took me to a Bruins game and he won the game in a shootout with and unreal goal. it made my night and from that day on was a Kings and Kopitar fan.


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