Exotic Animals

Humans through history have enjoyed the presence of animals, keeping them close and finding joy in their company. They have always been searching and discovering new species that are interesting and a wonder to know about. For the eccentric amongst us, when they get tired of the traditional dog or cat as a pet, they turn their attention to exotic animals, some of them illegal to own, such as the albino crocodile, a squirrel monkey, or a kinkajou. Imagine all the owner must learn to properly care for these original pets.

The albino crocodile can be found in its natural habitat in India. It is highly threatened and reportedly, there are only 44 left in the world. These animals can reach up to six feet in length and live in salt  water. These creatures are dropping dramatically in numbers, and are extremely rare in the wild. In the United States, there is one in exhibit at the Atlanta Aquarium.

The Kinkajou is a mammal found commonly in the rainforests of Central and South America. It weighs three to ten pounds, which makes it extremely portable as a pet and typically measures sixteen to twenty-four inches in length. They are carnivorous animals that act like raccoons. The Kinkajou is a nocturnal animal, and its peak of activity is between seven o’clock P.M. and midnight, and then right before dawn. Imagine the challenge of raising one as your pet when it spends it spends its waking hours right when the owner would be resting after dinner or ready for bed.

These animals are not even legal to own as a house pet in the United States. Although they are interesting to watch, animals like this should never be kept in captivity in regular households. They should enjoy the freedom of being in their natural habitats and live the way that nature intended for them. It would be cool to observe and learn their behaviors, but one should not find joy in keeping them captive. Petco food is not for them.


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