Why Visit Spain

Located in southeastern Europe on the Iberian Peninsula is one of the world’s most beautiful places – Spain. This country’s history dates back to 206 B.C. when the Roman Empire conquered the land, which was originally inhabited by Celts, Iberians, and Basques. The country remained a monarchy until 1978 when they became a constitutional monarchy and had a general election. Today, Spain remains one of the world’s most diverse cultures. This is why they are Europe’s fifth most visited country. With 45 million tourists per year, they attract almost as many visitors as people who live there. But what makes this country so popular? There are countless reasons, but people love the gorgeous beaches, the Running of the Bulls festival, and the unique architecture all over the country.

If you choose to visit Spain, there are endless choices of things for you to do. For example, many people are attracted to Spain for the 5,000 miles of coastline beaches. Whether it is the nude beaches in Costa del Sol, or family resorts in Garraf, people of all ages can enjoy the sun and sand on the coast. If it is a colder time of year, then you can go to Pamplona and see the Running of the Bulls festival. And if you are 18 or older, then you can actually join in and run down the narrow city streets with over a dozen bulls chasing behind you. For more tame people, there are gorgeous buildings all over the country. Spain is known for it’s unique architecture which can be seen almost everywhere, but most famously in the Sagarda Familia Basilica, Seville Alcazar, and the Alhambra.  These buildings help tell the history of Spain through art dating from the Renaissance all the way to modern times. With these and so many other attractions, you could easily spend weeks vacationing in Spain.

Whether it’s tourism for the parents, beaches for the kids, and even history for the grandparents, the whole family can have fun vacationing in Spain. Anyone who loves traveling should visit this unique country so that they can experience the amazing culture of Spain.  From the busy streets of Madrid to the beach valleys of Seville, Spain is a fascinating country that is a dream destination of most people.


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