Red Sox or New Sox?

At one time in our lives, we all loved the Boston Red Sox. The last few years the lackluster team  could not scrape out a winning season. Do the Red Sox really even try anymore? Has their time come to start over with a entirely new crew of players and coaches and owners?   They did get a lot of new players and a new coach.

The regular season begins after pre season.  This is a time for the veteran players on the  teams to lounge around.  The only players that work hard are the new rookies, for they have to do their bests to prove that they are worth it. Beginning a season after not trying hard for a few months must be hard and could also be included to why they aren’t doing so well.

As of last season it seemed that the Red Sox really did not care about the season. This was clear when Jon Lester one of the best pitchers for the Red Sox admitted to drinking beer and eating chicken in the clubhouse. Not only was it in the clubhouse it was during a game! Take that for not caring about the team. Other players most likely drank and ate in the clubhouse also, but they probably were scared to admit what they did.

I believe that the Boston Red Sox should get a entirely new fresh start with the team. I think that because the old Sox proved that they could not be mature enough to try hard every game for a couple million dollars a year. So if they won’t do it get players that will. Maybe the new manager will be more strict and get them back in place.

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