House at the End of the Street

House at the End of the Street (2012)

Cast:  Jennifer Lawrence, Elisabeth Shue, Max Thieriot

Director: Mark Tonderai


When a teenaged girl, Elissa, and her mother move to a new town, they learn that down the street a gruesome murder took place years before.  In that house lives a young man, Ryan, who is related to the people that owned the house where the crime took place.  Elissa meets Ryan and thinks he seems like a nice guy, even though other people are uncomfortable around him.  She puts her trust in him, but then discovers secrets about him that make her concerned.  Things head downhill for Ryan, while Elissa and her mother fight for their lives.

I decided to watch the movie despite terrible reviews from the critics because I like Jennifer Lawrence, Katniss form the Hunger Games, who played Elissa.  The character of Elissa was very curious and sneaky, yet trusting.  I felt Jennifer Lawrence did a great job with this role as she made it believable for me.  Max Thieriot played Ryan quite well.  He ended up playing a dual character role in the same person.  Beginning the role shy and sweet, but ending the role as a deranged madman.


Photo Credits: BeeniAktor

I   enjoyed the movie.  It was entertaining and kept me in suspense throughout.  The ending was unexpected and took me by surprise.  Even though the reviews were not kind at all, I believe a younger crowd from teenagers to young adults will respond well.  If you relish a suspenseful movie with a twist ending, then I recommend this movie.  Enjoy!!


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