Alex Cross Movie Review

When we see a movie about a book, we expect to not get what we want. Our image of a scripture always seems to be better than Hollywood’s. When I saw Alex Cross for the first time, I was expecting a mediocre film at best. Much to my surprise, the movie turned out to be exceptional.

Photo Credit: IMDB

Photo Credit: IMDB


Alex Cross follows the storyline of detective/psychologist Alex Cross (Tyler Perry) of the Detroit Police Department. When a wealthy woman is found brutally murdered, Cross realizes that he has a serial killer on his hands. The two face off in a cat and mouse game, until the serial killer(Matthew Fox) makes things personal. Cross and his friends are pushed to all limits in order to stop the madman named Picasso from hurting anybody else in this exciting action film.

Alex Cross is a very personal story. The main storyline is about how the serial killer triggers Cross. When someone he loves is killed right in front of his eyes, you can feel the mood of the story change. You come to hate the killer, for his brutal acts of crime are despicable. The screenwriter makes it so you don’t know how Cross can outsmart the killer. It makes the story very suspenseful, and also personal. Whenever Cross would feel a change in emotion, it would seem as if your mood had changed to. The director captured the emotions perfectly. At one point in the film, there were multiple people in the theater crying because of the sadness you felt for Cross.

Although it is rated PG-13, this movie should not be watched by anybody under the age of fourteen. The gruesomeness of some of the scenes is indescribable, and may disturb younger viewers. Murder is horrible already, but the way it is portrayed in Alex Cross makes it very personal at heart, as some of the lead characters are buried throughout the movie.

Overall. this movie is about a 8 out of 10. Tyler Perry did a great job portraying a great character in Cross, and I would hope a sequel is made.


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