Zip Lining in Hawaii

Over summer vacation my family took an amazing trip to Hawaii. We went to Kauai for four days and Maui for four days. There is so many different activities to do, all of which are fun. My mom signed my family up for zip lining while we were on Maui. Going into it I was excited but a little nervous knowing some of the lines were sixty feet off the ground.
We arrived at a parking lot where there was a tent. I was not so sure we were at the right place so we told my dad to go and check. It turned out to be the correct location, at North Shore Zipline.

We signed in, got our helmets strapped on, and put our harnesses on. I brought my GoPro because I thought it be a very cool video afterwards. We had to walk a little ways through the woods. Once we got to the location they talked to us for about ten minutes and taught us how to zip safely and how to stop. We were all ready to go. The way to get up to each platform was a wooden ladder, (that could rock back and forth) which got a little scary at times. It was time to go and I was sent off. It was so fun! There was always a view from every angle you look with the wind whirling through your helmet. Then I realized that it was time to stop. I was not sure if I was going to do it right, so I did everything they had taught me and hopefully I would not crash into something. I miraculously did it right. There were about seven more lines that we would go down. Once we reached the last line it was my turn to go. I was waiting until the worker got the go ahead to send me down. Since it was my last time going down I asked the worker if he could spin me and send me on a crazy run. For half the time I was going backwards, and was kind of scared. I wasn’t sure when my ride would be over, then I heard a loud noise! That noise was me hitting the stopper.

I recomend zip lining whenever you have the chance. If you are scared of heights I would not do this because climbing up and then looking behind you can be very scary at times. If you’re not, I can guarantee that this will an amazing experience that you will not forget. I know that I won’t ever forget it.

Zip lining in Hawaii

Zip lining in Hawaii


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