Lakers: Playoff Odds

Photo Taken by Keith Allison

Photo Taken by Keith Allison

The Los Angeles Lakers are currently 28-30 and standing 9th in the Western Conference. The question being asked all around the league is whether or not they will make the playoffs, and who will be substituted from the 8th or 7th seed. In the 8th seed is the Houston Rockets who are 31-27, making them 3 games ahead with about 25 games left in the NBA season. In the 7th seed are the Utah Jazz who are 31-26 only a 1/2 game above the Rockets so still not safe from being eliminated from the playoffs. I personally think that the Jazz are less safe than the Rockets because I truly believe that the Rockets are a better team than the Jazz. With the amazing starting lineup for the Lakers with Steve Nash, Kobe Bryant, and Dwight Howard, I don’t see how this is possible for them to not be first seed. It is quite obvious they should be first seed, I mean they have the best center in the game, one of the best shooting guards in the game, and an aged but still a great point guard, and is truly one of the best lineups especially with Pau Gasol at power forward but unfortunately suffering from a foot injury. Overall I think the Lakers are going to slip into the playoffs knocking out the Utah Jazz, and possibly doing it quick enough where they can get to the 7th seed.


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