Humans of the Ocean


photo taken by Randolph Croft

Dolphins are probably the smartest animal on the planet and they face many threat each day. Dolphins need people’s efforts to help them so these intelligent animals do not go extinct. The biggest threat and cause of death to dolphins are tuna companies. When every people fish for tuna there is a big chance of catching a dolphin. A way people have helped solve that problem is They have either stopped buying tuna or they wrote strongly worded essays to the companies. Now, the tuna companies promise that the tuna is dolphin free. People today need to help the dolphins with the threats they face every day in their lives.

Another threat dolphins face is in Japan people hunt and eat dolphins for a big source of food. People have tried to stop the hunts in Japan. As a result, many villages have either reduced or even eliminated hunts. Even everyday fishermen can be a threat to dolphins because you never know what your gunna get on your fishing rod. Sharks and other big fish are threats to eat dolphins every day. People from aquariums and swim with the dolphins programs have taken in dolphins to keep them safe. When dolphins are taken in they are fed, played with a loved with no harm to them or any threats.

Hardy Jones has been a huge contributor to helping people see how dolphins are treated and why it should change. He was the first person to actually swim with dolphins in the ocean and see how smart they really are. Jones made videos on how people  in japan kill dolphins every day and how tuna companies killed thousands of dolphins. He made people start to care about dolphins. Some people are so passionate about not killing and trying to save dolphins just because of jones’ video. I hope that everyone can see that dolphins could possible help humans one day and we should make sure dolphins are kept safe.


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