America Overweight

Currently, America has been facing many economic and global problems. These problems are what the government many people in this country are trying fix right now. However,  think that one problem that definitely needs to be taken more seriously in this country  is obesity. America is maybe the most overweight country in the world. Its no surprise, of course. Most of the fast food restaurant chains are based in the U.S. or were started in the U.S.. The population of Obese people is increasing more and more in this country, and it is also becoming more prevalent in children. Diseases like Diabetes and Heart disease are also becoming more common.

The population of Obese people is not getting lower. In 1962, thirteen percent of the population of adults in  the U.S. were considered obese. Since then, it has had a steady climax to about 35.7 percent of adults being obese in this country. This number is still rising today. Amongst children, about seventeen percent of children in the U.S. are considered to be obese. this number is also getting higher. I think that this is because Americans are choosing food that is more fatty and less healthy, and they choose to eat this food more often.
Why is the obesity population growing, though? Americans have been eating more junk food and more fatty food. They are not getting the necessary nutrients, and they are only getting heavier. When fast food chain restaurants like McDonalds or Burger King announce a new burger or something, lots of people buy it. Lots of people eat at these restaurants all the time, and they do not have a healthy diet. This has many consequences.
A growing population of obese people can cause an increase in conditions like Heart Disease and Diabetes. This can affect the average life expectancy of people in the U.S. My children can be born with some of these conditions, and this can affect the average life expectancy of this country in the future. These diseases, like the population of obese people is only getting higher. This can also make the average weight of a person in this country to be much higher than what it is now in the future.
The problem of obesity in this country is causing a lot of problems. Americans are getting more and more unhealthy because of their eating habits, and if this does not stop, the average person in the future could weigh a lot more than the average person now does. People have to start eating healthy again, because this country is heading on the wrong path.


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