Cars VS Planes? Planes.

WHAP! Getting up at four in the morning can never be fun, but it’s worse when you couldn’t sleep because of the excitement dwelling within. Everyone fighting for the bathroom with such little time and last minute items are being fiercely thrown into the suitcase. When finally everyone is in the car, you forgot the plane tickets on the chair by the door so you wouldn’t forget them and yet… So you turn around to make yourselves late. Just because the airports can and it’s the cheapest place there is, you spend $150 dollars at a seven-day parking place. Scrambling into the airport just to be stopped by the massive line to confirm your tickets. Once the tickets are done you think you’re in the home stretch, but you couldn’t be more wrong. The security line is like an iron curtain, not letting anyone through without pervasive interrogation and checking through you and everything you own. Then sprinting to the gate thinking you’ll just make it, but slowly you check the ticket and you are actually four hours early. Trying to keep your cool while kids scream, people argue and a splitting headache overwhelms you. Finally staggering down the walkway to the airplane, a glimmer of hope says you’ll be able to sleep on the six-hour plane ride. Sitting in the middle seat between two morbidly obese people, you find a comfortable position against all odds and begin to fall asleep. Slowly your eyes close and you gently fall asleep. Five minutes in the one crying baby that’s always on the plane decides to release its wrath and it goes on for the rest of the plane ride. You sit back screaming with frustration, thinking’’ I should have taken a car’’.


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