7 Nana Japanese Hibachi


By: ginnerobot

7 Nana is a Japanese steakhouse and a Hibachi restaurant. This restaurant was recently opened and is very modern. There is many different rooms where hibachi is served. An area is available where if you want to just sit down and have dinner you can. Hibachi is food that is prepared and cooked right in front of your eyes. It is very intense but really cool at the same time. The chef throws the spatulas in the air and he catches them. He also spins them around and does lots of interesting tricks. The vegetables are grilled in front of you and the cook will put a slice of zucchini on the side.The chef cuts it up into small squares and throw it at you. You try to catch it in your mouth and if you don’t get it the first time thats alright, he will give you a couple more tries. Your meal consists of a type of onion broth soup with mushrooms and scallions. A ginger salad is also served for an appetizer. You may order sushi with it if you wish. My favorite type of sushi is the patriots roll. Most of the time I will order a combo dinner of half steak and half chicken. The meal comes with three pieces of grilled shrimp, your choice of fried rice or brown rice, and vegetables. This meal is very filling, I can never finish it.

By : aminaelahi

By : aminaelahi

The patriots roll is made up of spicy lobster, shrimp tempura, fried banana, wrapped in a soy wrap and served with yuzu mango sauce. (http://www.7nanasteakhouseworcester.com/)I love this sushi roll and is beautifully prepared with six pieces of the sushi and two more in the middle with the shrimp tail. I never can finish this on my own, my family always eats a few. This sushi is very good and is great to start a meal. There are so many different types of sushi to be eaten and freshly served to you. There is also more traditionally types of sushi like a California roll or Arizona roll.

The performance is very interesting and fun to watch. If you are afraid of fire you may just want to sit at a booth because there is a lot of fire involved. First off the chef takes oil a spreads it out on the grill and lights it on fire, a great way to start off the meal. Next he puts the food on the grill to be cooked. He takes the onion and layers it to look like a volcano pours oil in it and sets that on fire. It makes the onions look like an erupting volcano, it looks so awesome. My favorite part is when the chef cuts up the zucchini and throws it at you to catch in you mouth. Then he cooks the fried rice the cook takes an egg and spins it on the grill and lightly throws it in the air with the spatula. The egg goes no higher than and inch or so. After all the food is prepared you must be very hungry but can not finish your whole plate because its a lot of food. I don’t think anyone in my family has finished a whole plate. For dessert you can have a choice of fried ice cream, fried banana, and other choices. I have not tried all the dessert nor will I because of how full I am at the end of my meal. I really like this restaurant and it is fun to see the fire show. The food is very delicious and is one of my favorite hibachi restaurants.


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