Pictures: The Memories

Photo Credits: “Nemo”

Pictures, they capture anything: Long lasting memories, accomplishments, and life changing moments. I love taking pictures. I take pictures with my friends and family of which I love to share on Instagram. Sharing these times and taking pictures to remember them always brings a smile to my face. My biggest pet peeve to my own self is when I don’t look good in pictures. It bothers me and I always find myself saying, “Ew, bad picture. Take another.” Although I like to look good, if I don’t get to take another picture, and the memory means a lot, I am completely fine with the picture. After all, it’s the memory that counts. Pictures will always be one of my favorite things to take, as i already have hundreds of them on phone and computer. If you don’t already take lots of pictures, I suggest you do because one day you will look back at them and it will put a smile on your face.

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