A Wire That Heals Itself?

There is a new wire that can fix itself if it breaks. This re-healing wire is a new, stretchable wire that can repair itself after being disconnected from the other half. This new breakthrough will help solve many problems that occur when wires break in many items and gadgets.

This was created in North Carolina State University. This new wire has a liquid metal core and polymer covering, which means it can bend and stretch more easily without breaking. The liquid center allows the wire to be in more dangerous environments where you do not want things to break.

To create this, researchers made very small holes in the self-healing polymer. Then researchers filled the holes with different liquid metals. When the core is cut up, it forms a barrier so the liquid metal is kept inside the polymer cover. When severed parts are put back together, it reconnects, giving you a wire that is as good as new.

This new invention will change the world and make many new gadgets indestructible. North Carolina State University has made a great invention that will affect many things in the future.


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