How Could Wrestling Be Dropped From the 2020 Olympic Games?


Photo Credit: @alliseeisgold on Twitter

Recently, Wrestling was dropped from the 2020 Olympics by the IOC, or International Olympic Committee.  Although it has an opportunity to be voted back in, the fact that it was dropped in the first place is astounding.  Wrestling was one of the original 26 “core sports” in the Olympics and has been a part of the Olympics since the first event in 776 BC.  I was very surprised when I heard about this because wrestling is a staple of the Olympics and the amount of work that olympic wrestlers, like American Jordan Burroughs, put in to the sport is incredible.  When Jordan Burroughs won a gold medal last summer, everyone knew that he had deserved it.  He practiced and worked out for hours upon hours almost everyday.  His opponent in the gold medal match, Sadegh Goudarzi of Iran, was very respectful of Burroughs and as a result of this, the two spawned one of the greatest pictures from the London Olympics.  Burroughs, wearing a United States of America jacket, had his arm around Goudarzi with an Islamic Republic of Iran jacket in the picture.  This showed that wrestling has united countries in the Olympics and that it shouldn’t be replaced by something like roller blading or baseball.  Overall, wrestling is a great sport that belongs in the Olympics and hopefully the IOC will come to their senses and put wrestling back in its rightful place.


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